BRAINIAC is a national technical competition which provides opportunities for students and fresh engineering graduates to enhance and showcase their technical skills through a country-wide competition and win attractive cash prizes (up to PKR100,000).

Competition Date: 21th December 2023

Location: Auditorium Complex UET Lahore (Main Campus) GT Road Lahore

Download Schedule: Click Here for Download 

Prize Money up to PKR 100,000/-

Ambassador Registration Link:

Benefits for Ambassadors: (deadline 30 November 2023)

  1. Free registration to the all events/conference sessions
  2. Opportunity to earn prize money by winning competitions
  3. Discounted memberships of IEEE (terms and conditions applied)
  4. Name and picture appeared on event website and social media page
  5. Gain new skills and experience
  6. Meet interesting people from all around the event
  7. Achievement of personal and professional goals
  8. Recognition and gratitude for your service
  9. Satisfaction of providing a valuable community service

For general quires please contact:

  • Mr. Ahad Shahzad = 0308-6724711
  • Mr. Qazi Muhammad Qandeer = 0336-4065600
  • Mr. Shahid Zulfiqar = 0300-6804657 (WhatsApp only)

Participant Registration fee: 300/member (maximum 2 members) 

Participant Registration Link: Click Here for Registration

For Fee Payment: Contact Mr. Qazi Muhammad Qandeer 0336-4065600

Note: Copied software, replicas and plagiarized projects will be disqualified. Brainiac Team reserve the rights to change rule at any time.

Programming Contest