Mr. Ahad Khursheed

Title: Why LLM’s are not enough.

Affiliation: Co-founded Agile Loop
Date and Time of Talk: Date: 21th December 2023 Time: 11:30AM – 12:15 PM


An ex Data Scientist from Afinti – Created Agile Loop: Building the world’s first self-operating computer framework through the next generation of transformers called Large Action Models. Been a serial entrepreneur in AI with my most recent company Agile loop that has received funding in Saudi Arabia and is now the authorised foundation model of KSA. Also designing Saudi Arabia’s AI ecosystem with their National Technology Development Program and Saudi Data & AI authority.


The world has invested deeply in Large Language Models, but the recent research has proven LLM’s to be highly inaccurate and insufficient for real world tasks and applications. LLM’s are only good for chatbots that can respond, but what next? LLMs will also not allow us to reach the goal of Artifical General Intelligence because the technology behind LLMs is just a black box with memories. It cannot think outside the box and respond to something it has not seen before. So where is the shift from LLMs going towards nowadays in the Silicon Valley?