Prof. Dr. Wajahat Mahmood Qazi

Title: Cognitive Approach to Subjectivity in machines

Affiliation:  Assistant Professor, Computer Science, COMSATS University, Lahore
Date and Time of Talk:  Date: 20th December 2023  Time: 11:45AM – 12:30PM


In this enlightening talk, Dr. Wajahat Mahmood Qazi, a leading figure in the realms of Quantum Computing and Artificial General Intelligence, unveils the latest advancements at the intersection of quantum physics and artificial intelligence. His discussion, titled “Quantum Horizons in Artificial Intelligence: Exploring Machine Consciousness and Bioinformatics,” promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of how quantum computing principles can revolutionize our understanding and implementation of machine consciousness.

Dr. Qazi will delve into the intricacies of how quantum computing paradigms are being leveraged to push the boundaries of artificial general intelligence (AGI) and machine consciousness. He will provide insights into his pioneering research, drawing connections between the complex realms of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics to shed light on the development of conscious machines. This exploration is not just theoretical; it has practical implications in various sectors, particularly in bioinformatics, where Dr. Qazi has made significant contributions.

Furthermore, the talk will address the practical applications of these advances in solving real-world problems, especially in the context of Industry 4.0. Dr. Qazi will highlight how ‘applied artificial intelligence’, enhanced by quantum computing techniques, is poised to transform the bioinformatics landscape, offering innovative solutions to longstanding challenges in this field.

Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the potential and challenges of integrating quantum computing with artificial intelligence. They will also learn about the future trajectory of these technologies and their impact on various sectors. Dr. Qazi’s presentation will be a valuable resource for researchers, professionals, and students interested in the cutting edge of computer science, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.


Dr. Wajahat Mahmood Qazi is a distinguished Assistant Professor in the field of Computer Science, renowned for his expertise in Quantum Computing and Cognition, Cybernetics, Artificial General Intelligence, Machine Consciousness, and Bioinformatics. His academic journey includes a PhD in Computer Science, specializing in Machine Consciousness using Quantum Neuro-computing from NCBA&E, Pakistan, and an M.Phil in Computer Science with a focus on Bioinformatics.

Dr. Qazi’s research interests are diverse, spanning both pure and applied domains. In the realm of pure research, he delves into Machine Consciousness and Artificial General Intelligence, employing methods from quantum physics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience. His applied research is equally impressive, focusing on leveraging applied artificial intelligence to address challenges in Industry 4.0 and bioinformatics.

Throughout his career, Dr. Qazi has contributed significantly to the academic community through various publications. He has co-authored a book titled “Machine Learning in Bioinformatics: An Approach for Protein Sequence Analysis,” alongside Khalil Ahmed. His journal papers cover a wide range of topics, showcasing his depth of knowledge and research capabilities.

Dr. Qazi’s professional experience is extensive. He has held positions such as Deputy Director and Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, GC University Lahore, and served as a Senior Scientific Officer at the Institute of Molecular Science and Bioinformatics. His earlier roles include Senior Lecturer at Preston University and System Architect at Intelli-Technologies.

In addition to his academic and research pursuits, Dr. Qazi is active in sharing his knowledge through various platforms. His talks and video results can be accessed on his YouTube channel, further extending his impact and outreach in the field.

Dr. Qazi’s commitment to research and education, combined with his significant contributions to the field of computer science, particularly in the cutting-edge areas of quantum computing and machine consciousness, mark him as a leading figure in his domain. His work continues to inspire and pave the way for future advancements in these critical areas of technology and science.